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  1. LEGIT: James Holmes San Diego Bedroom pictures.

    When this pictures were 1st released by a Blogspot account called American Kabuki we were all skeptical to believe those were actual pictures of James’ bedroom at his parents house in San Diego but today that we know more about James interests if we look closely at them we can spot details that can confirm its his, unless they are coincidences but I honestly don’t believe in that, if you ask me.

    So lets start:
    1. “StarFist” book series of military science fiction novels

    This week Judge Samour release new documents that included a complete list of what was found at James apartment. This was in the list:

    If you can’t understand that damn awful handwriting let me help, it says “StarFist paperbook”.

    2. Book called “Cartoon Guide to the Computer”.
    This book is great for kids who want to learn how computers work. James was into computer programming from an early age, that was confirmed by his teacher in this video.

    3. UC Riverside t-shirt.

    The logo matches right? Holmes attended the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and, in 2010, received his undergraduate degree in neuroscience with the highest honors.

    4. Breyer horse

    Maybe like this?

    What does a Breyer horse has to do with James Holmes?
    Unfortunately his “sherlockbond” eBay account was deactivated months ago but we had the chance to screen cap it before it happened.

    Here is his activity feedback.
    Noticed anything? No?
    On March 6th, 2007 he either buy or sold 2 Breyer horses.

    5. SD hat

    Maybe SD stands for, I don’t know… San Diego? after all, he lived there.

    And if you look in the pictures you con find more stuff that relates to James, like the glasses, the plaid cap, etc.

    You till think is just a coincidence?
    I don’t think so… CASE CLOSED!

    Thanks to agoraphobichousewife and James-Holmes-Case for their amazing observations of # 1 and 3.
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        I remember this post! It’s really good, but the horse isn’t a horse, it’s an elephant.
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        What is with James and sunglasses??? That guy collects sunglasses like I collect boots.
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        Wow this is the reason I stick around. You guys are so clever.
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        Can we take a moment to admire the awesome army tank on the top shelf? I can imagine him playing with it making firing...
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        excellent work, ladies! this is awesome :D
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